The Airport Improvement Program Grants provide federal funding to government or public-owned airports for the repair and upgrade of runways, taxiways, ramps, and lighting systems, as well as for the removal of trees and other obstacles from runway approaches. If an airport meets the program criteria, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will cover 90% of the costs, whereas the State and the airport each pay 5 percent of the total project cost. Nearly 3 million of State dollars in capital development projects are funded annually under this program.

Additionally, the Maryland Assistance to Private Airports program provides for financial grants through the State for runway and taxiway improvements, navigation aids, and other airport safety-related projects. Available funds go to those airports that are open to the public, but are privately owned and not eligible for federal aid. Under this program, the State provides $1 million or ninety percent of the funding while the airport operator provides the other ten percent in projects annually.